How I Went From Website Developer To a Freelance Web Programmer and now Entrepreneurship…

Becoming an entrepreneur is different for everybody, and there are no hard and fast rules. We all know that you don’t have to be a web developer to found a startup, and you don’t have to want to be an entrepreneur to be interested in a career in web development. However for me, like many people, the two went hand in hand.

Faraz Ahsan Warraich

Hi, I’m Faraz, a freelance web programmer, based in Karachi, Pakistan. I’d worked in the corporate world since 2000 as a website developer, working both in the office and then working remotely from home. In June 2013, I left the corporate world and transitioned to working solely from home as a freelance web programmer.

I am a full time website developer dedicated to providing web programming support to small businesses, graphic designers, marketing companies and individuals, this is not a “hobby” for me. If you hire me, you can depend on me being available ongoing, as needed for years to come.

Starting my own business is something I had thought about for many years. My father, a carpenter, and my grand father, a blacksmith, were both entrepreneurs so perhaps it runs in the family! Years went by without me doing anything, but I talked about it all the time. It was probably in 2010 from when I had the idea to start my own company before I did anything about it.

My Expertise

I specialize in full website development

I handle all aspects of website development from domain registration, hosting, website development and website maintenance.

Database driven websites using PHP and MySQL

I can build just about any type of custom website application.

I build custom websites and use open source applications like WordPress

I have built hundreds of websites on many topics ranging from real estate websites, personnel portfolios, e-commerce websites…


a little bit more About Me…

I feel that I live a pretty fortunate life, that is to say I am able to work full time on my own web design company and make enough to not only pay the bills, but pay people to help me on my projects. There are obvious pro’s and con’s to doing the business thing day in and day out (and it often is a seven days a week sort of deal), but some days I am reminded why I do it.

I have built a large website portfolio with customers ranging from all over the world especially U.K., U.S., Australia and Canada. I take pride in my work and many of my clients bring me repeat business and referrals.

  • I am a website developer.
  • I am not a web designer.
  • I program websites.
  • I deliver what I commit to.
  • I like happy clients.

I have been successful as a freelancer, not just because of my web programming skills, but because I am a skilled and dependable web programmer that can be trusted to follow through with my work.

I enjoy working directly with my clients, rather than having project managers involved. Even though I seldom meet my clients in person (due to geography), I am able to effectively communicate via email and on the phone to complete website development projects to their specifications.

If you view my web programmer portfolio you can see many examples of the PHP and HTML websites I have developed. As a website developer, I build complete websites, develop MySQL databases, take on small projects in existing websites, can fix code bugs, clean website virus infections and then secure your code so it doesn’t happen again.

My website portfolio only shows a small sample of the websites I have developed over the years. If you are not sure I have the skills to build your website , please contact me to discuss your project.